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Hybrid Email Solution

Combine the features of fully featured productivity suites such as Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 with highly flexible & cost effective Zimbra Collaboration to bring down your email solution costs.

Most Cost Effective Mailing Solution

Pay for only what you need! Most Google Workspace / Microsoft 365 customers end up over-spending on their email solution because majority of their users don't need the entire feature packed suite. Save upto 90% by segmenting your pro & regular users (For example: 20 accounts on Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) / Microsoft 365 & 80 accounts on Zimbra) with the help of our Hybrid Email Solution.

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Features & Functionality

Features that make Hybrid Mail Solution better than others

Cost Effective

Combine Zimbra with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace to save upto 90% of your costs as normal users don't usually require all the features on offer by these all in one suites.

Zero Compromise

With a combination of highly cost effective Zimbra and feature rich all in one productivity suites the users who require the features will not have to compromise with our hybrid email solution.

Flexible Config

Hybrid email solution is highly configurable as per your speific requirements, we tailor each order according to the requirement of each client, use the calculator given below for more clearity.

Plug and Play

You do not need to make any changes if you are already hosted on Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 and want to switch to hybrid email solution, it is completely plug & play and can be deployed with your exisiting solution.

Get Instant Estimate

Input the number of your pro & regular users and select the plan/provider you're want them to be hosted on to find out the exact cost of your Email Solution.

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Pro Users


Regular Users (Powered by Zimbra)


Total Cost

Effective Monthly Price

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about , however if you don't find answer to your query in this section please feel free to contact us regarding the same.

Simple Answer: Cost Cutting. If you know most of your users aren't using the features which come with Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 then why pay for them? In Hybrid Mail Solution, you make 2 or more group of users which then will be hosted on different email service providers but still work cohesively. You can get the best of both (or many) worlds by dividing your users into pro and regular groups then host pro users on Google / Microsoft and regular users on a low cost solution like Zimbra Collaboration.
If you already have an existing email solution in place, you don't need to worry about the migration of your existing or old emails. We would be more than happy to provide full assistance with the migration process.
All of the solutions listed on this website require an annual commitment. Which means that you need to pay the whole year's invoice in advance if you agree to avail of the services after the demo/briefing. However, you can get an idea of your effective monthly spending by using the calculator provided above.